Hi there,

Welcome to my blog! 🙂

I’m a 35-year-old social justice warrior, feminist killjoy, loony green leftie, decluttering connoisseur, banana cake enthusiast and unprofessional mummy blogger. I have an undeserved reputation of stealing other people’s chocolate.

I live in Hackney, where I share a home with two cats, a boyfriend, an inflatable Dalek and, as of late, a baby person.

I once made abovementioned boyfriend paint an IKEA stool 5 different shades of duck egg blue until we found the correct one, hence the name of the blog.

This blog is loosely based on our life. It was created out of the need for an online space to store and organise photos of mid-century sofas, ceramic pots with faces on and retro Peter Pan collar dresses so that I can drool over them in a more systematic way. It is also an outlet for all my First World anxieties and carefully curated lifestyle photos.

Thanks for reading,

Flora Poste x